The Horinko Group has posted a new headline about a recent article authored by Marianne Horinko, President of The Horinko Group. Entitled “A New Dyanamic,” the article was co-authored with Adam Pan and appears in the September/October 2008 volume of The Environmental Forum.

The article explores the value of adaptive management within Superfund as facing uncertainty, variability, and long time spans, Superfund has nonetheless been characterized by an inflexible approach to hazardous waste cleanup. Adaptive management can provide the reform the program needs to emphasize reuse and a respect for community values as it addresses the large, ecologically complex sites still remaining on the nation’s cleanup list.

About the article
Marianne L. Horinko and Adam Pan, September/October 2008
The Environmental Forum, Volume 25, Number 5
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The Horinko Group’s latest headline spotlights a white paper recently published entitled “A New Mindset for Corporate Sustainability.” Published by a group of international academic experts and sponsored by BT and Cisco, the paper uses case studies to illustrate the authors' main argument that sustainability can drive commercial success and lead businesses to craft new products and services.

The following experts were involved in producing the paper:

  • Professor David Grayson, director, Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield School of Management
  • Professor Zhouying Jin, director, Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; chairman, Future 500, China
  • Dr Mark Lemon, Centre for Resource Management and Efficiency, Cranfield University
  • Dr Miguel Angel Rodriguez, director of the Base of the Pyramid Learning Lab, and Lecturer in General Management, IESE
  • Business School, University of Navarra, Spain
  • Professor Sarah Slaughter, senior lecturer, Behavioral and Policy Sciences, Sloan Management School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Professor Simon Tay, Singapore Institute for International Affairs, National University of Singapore

Download a PDF copy of the report.