Coalition-Building & Stakeholder Involvement

The Horinko Group is a well-respected facilitator and convener of cross-agency collective dialogues, public-private partnerships, industry challenge programs, and thought-leader forums. Assembling federal, state, and local-led stakeholder dialogues, our team can advance client’s initiatives with timely and measurable outcomes.

Current and Past Efforts

  • Work alongside the Green Highways Partnership to assist with convening key stakeholders and raising awareness of sustainable transportation infrastructure, focused specifically on watershed-based stormwater management, beneficial reuse, and ecosystem protection.
  • Since its creation, Marianne Horinko has been a proud member of the RCRA Corrective Action Project (RCAP). RCAP is a coalition of leading thinkers in the public and private sectors focused on analyzing financial assurance, data management, liability, and institutional controls of land stewardship, as well as methods for encouraging the redevelopment of remediated properties.
  • Building on the successful 2005 RCRA Challenge Program, EPA asked our team to convene a group of private industry stakeholders to discuss a voluntary industry partnership to move forward remediation for key RCRA sites.
  • Serve as facilitator between the potentially responsible parties of the Lower Passaic River Cleanup and EPA Region 2. THG led ongoing technical and operational discussions with Region 2 Administrator and senior staff.
  • Build a coalition to support a statutory change to Michigan’s cleanup programs that was passed and signed into law in Fall 2010.
  • Develop communication documents pertaining to dioxin reassessment issues to inform the public and federal/state government.