THG Environmental Speaker Luncheon – July 12, 2012

Environmental Speaker Luncheon with Andrew Manar
Thursday, July 12, 2012 | Noon – 1:30 PM EDT | Washington, DC (At The Horinko Group’s Offices)

Featured Speaker

Andrew Manar, Senior Advisor to The Horinko Group on Public-Private Partnerships.

At July’s luncheon, Mr. Manar discussed opportunities for innovative approaches at the community-level and explored how private investment can play a significant role in rural landscapes. He also provided a fresh look at the challenges confounding innovative action at the community level and discuss the role greater regionalization and privatization will play.

At a time when public-private resource leveraging and innovation is critical to addressing our nation’s water infrastructure challenges, understanding state and local perspectives and capacity challenges is imperative to building and sustaining more workable partnerships.

As a former Midwest rural community mayor, County Chairman, and State Senate Chief of Staff, Mr. Manar brings a boots on the ground perspective on how to effectively engage local communities and state program managers. His experience in state and local governance brings valuable insights into navigating fiscally challenged state budgetary processes and understanding resource constraints of local governments.

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