THG Environmental Speaker Luncheon – December 5, 2012

Environmental Speaker Series Luncheon
December 5, 2012

Speaker: Lewis D. Solomon, Rinehart Professor Emeritus of Business Law at The George Washington University Law School

Topic: P3 Possibilities for Addressing Our Nation’s Water Infrastructure Backlog

The Horinko Group’s next Environmental Speaker Series luncheon features Lewis D. Solomon, Senior Advisor to The Horinko Group on Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), Infrastructure Finance & Development.

As Rinehart Professor Emeritus of Business Law at The George Washington University Law School, Mr. Solomon draws on his research regarding privatization and the P3 process in the infrastructure arena. A prolific author, his recent book, America’s Water and Waste Water Crisis: The Role of Private Enterprise, analyzes privatization, P3s, how the U.S. water and wastewater industry has operated in the past, and how it may evolve into the future.

Nuanced collaborative skills and innovative financing can come together in well-structured and effectively communicated P3s to offer unique opportunities for increasing efficiency and securing private capital to address a daunting infrastructure backlog. Successful P3s must overcome trust issues and cultural differences between partnering institutions and implement mutually acceptable contractual obligations, while understanding local challenges and obtaining proper alignment and structure between participants, risk sharing, and broad civic understanding and support.

In his luncheon presentation, Mr. Solomon will discuss opportunities where public-private ventures can advance much needed progress in the water and wastewater sector and tackle the most difficult fiscal and environmental compliant situations that many communities routinely encounter. He will provide a balanced perspective on the role privatization can play and how collaborative engagement can shape our water and wastewater future.

Join us on Wednesday, December 5 at The Horinko Group’s offices in the West End of Washington, DC. To attend, please RSVP to