Global Understanding Convention

THG’s Brendan McGinnis, in his role as President of the Water Resources Action Project (WRAP), will be presenting on the challenges that securing reliable and accessible water pose to the quality of life in the Middle East and WRAP’s efforts to mitigate these challenges.

WRAP funds and constructs rainwater harvesting systems at schools throughout the region, accompanied by a strong educational program and monitoring procedures. To date, WRAP has installed two such systems in East Jerusalem. WRAP’s next project, a cistern system, will be located at the Battir Girls High School, near Bethlehem in the West Bank. Mr. McGinnis will provide his first-hand account of the Middle Eastern water conflict, resulting impact on human health and the environment, the opportunity to make an immediate difference, WRAP’s role, and lessons learned along the way.

To learn about the Battir School project and contribute to this worthwhile effort that will greatly improve the education and water security of these underprivileged children, visit