Environmental Management in Economic Hard Times

The Horinko Group has posted its latest headline, “Environmental Management in Economic Hard Times: Getting Back to the Fundamentals”

The downloadable PDF contains remarks delivered by G. Tracy Mehan, III to the University of Kansas’ 62nd Annual Environmental Engineering Conference in Lawrence, Kansas on April 18, 2012. An excerpt of the remarks is included below:

“I want to talk about fundamentals which should anchor the work of every environmental or natural resource professional. I hope to identify some new approaches, possibly outside your comfort zone, which require developing new skill sets which go beyond technical engineering, the natural sciences and purely legal or statutory requirements.

Specifically, I believe that engineers and other technical managers, both within private entities as well as public institutions, must more actively engage the general public, stakeholders, the regulated community and non-governmental organizations (NGO) with a view toward cultivating greater understanding, material and moral support and, just as importantly, fashioning effective public-private partnerships to achieve common goals. These kinds of collaborations are certainly time and labor intensive, but they can facilitate mutual learning, mobilization of resources from non-traditional sources and enhance the political and social legitimacy of both public and private entities.”

Read the rest of the headline by downloading a PDF copy.