Jennifer Frazier Joins THG Extended Team

For Release: January 3, 2012

Washington, DC, January 3, 2012 – Following upon the release of The Horinko Group’s (THG) White Paper last January entitled, Promoting the Sustainability of Our Nation’s Water Resources, the Water Division devoted its 2011 Webinar and Executive Salon Series on the areas of flood risk reduction, floodplain management, nutrient management, the next Farm Bill, and realizing the potential of our waterside communities as travel destinations. Such forums reaffirm the central importance of local institutions and a close working relationship at the community and landowner level.

Jennifer FrazierTo further enhance The Horinko Group’s “on the ground” presence and capacity along the Mississippi River Corridor, the company is proud to announce the addition of Jennifer Frazier to its Extended Team. She brings more than 25 years of professional experience on the Mississippi River. Formerly as Director of the Mississippi River Regional Program for the American Land Conservancy, Ms. Frazier has been instrumental in developing trusted relationships with landowners, a wide array of conservation practitioners, municipalities and elected officials to establish a 25,000-acre conservation footprint – including 11,000 acres of conservation easements in the floodplain of the Middle Mississippi River. She will support The Horinko Group’s water sector colleagues, clients, and partners at the grassroots level throughout the Midwest.

THG’s Water Division Director Brendan McGinnis commented during a recent gathering, “We are extremely proud to announce the addition of Jenny Frazier as our Rural Communities and Landscapes Project Manager. Jenny is well respected by those trying to sustain ecological services and economic vitality of the Mississippi River system. As a seasoned practitioner, she has worked tirelessly with landowners and conservation interests to put measurable results on the ground. She will play a critical role in ensuring our efforts work at the community level.”

Mr. McGinnis adds, “We have followed Jenny’s work for quite some time and find her insight, energy, and commitment to common sense solutions a refreshing and much needed investment in long-term water resources management. We look forward to further engaging her and extending our team’s capacity to better assist rural communities and rural landscapes, as well as industry, educators, and those with a role in the governance of these important aquatic ecosystems.”

Ms. Frazier sees her role as finding greater alignment of purpose between national actors and local stakeholders, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to extend my own capacity to address challenges confronting landowners, and private and public sector colleagues by teaming with the folks at The Horinko Group. They are becoming a trusted convener and honest broker for actionable solutions on behalf of our regional water resources. The team brings a much needed business perspective and access to a host of formidable clients that could build broader involvement in the overall effort to find solutions that work for business, government, and our advocacy community.”

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