UNEP Report Released on Business Impacts of Climate Change

(UNEP News Centre)The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), SustainAbility and Green Light Group released a report on June 15 entitled, >GEO-5 for Business: Impacts of a Changing Environment on the Corporate Sector.  The report is based on UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO-5), the UN’s assessment of the state of the global environment.  The report finds broadly that extreme weather events and pressure on natural resources will result in increasing challenges and risks for business, but the changing climate also represents major opportunities for those businesses that successfully manage risks and innovate to find solutions ahead of their competitors.  The research analyzes ten different industry sectors including construction, chemicals, mining, food, and others, reporting findings specific to each sector.

To read UNEP’s full press release, visit http://bit.ly/UNEPG5Rep.

To download the full report, visit http://www.unep.org/geo/pdfs/geo5/GEO5_for_Business.pdf.