EPA Seeking Input on Draft Groundwater Remedy Completion Strategy

EPA released a draft Groundwater Remedy Completion Strategy in October that aims to provide guidance to site remediation teams to enable better decision–making to effectively complete groundwater remedies as part of Superfund cleanups.  The recommended Strategy includes a step–wise plan and decision–making process for evaluating remedy operation, progress, and attainment of remedial action objectives.  The plan and process would rely on an updated conceptual site model, performance metrics, and data derived from site–specific remedy evaluations.

The completion strategy aims to help site teams direct resources towards the information and decisions needed to effectively move a site to completion while protecting human health and the environment.  Given that groundwater remediation can take years to decades to meet objectives, it is important to define metrics to measure performance and establish a clear decision–making process for managing a groundwater remedy through the completion phase.  EPA is seeking input on the draft Strategy by December 20, 2013.

To view the draft strategy, visit http://bit.ly/EPAGndRem.

To view EPA’s request for input, visit http://bit.ly/EPAGndRemInpReq.