U.S. Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: Life Cycle Examination from a Local Community Perspective


Participants from piloted mentoring program serve on panel at completion ceremony in Oklahoma City

The Horinko Group established a mentor-protégé program, Mentoring Environment & Energy Together (MEET), in conjunction with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality to provide personal and professional growth opportunities as well as environmental-energy education.  MEET’s pilot project consisted of a diverse group of young professionals in the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.  A key aspect of the program was for the group to work collaboratively on an environmental-energy project.  The group identified the project topic of interest as a life cycle examination of unconventional oil and gas development as it relates to the surrounding community.

This report captures the groups’ findings, focusing on the potential community-level economic, environmental, health, and social impacts associated with unconventional oil and gas development.  A comprehensive look at the oil and gas life cycle, the local community framework, socioeconomic impacts, public perception, and environmental and health impacts inform the report’s recommended key considerations for communities near oil and gas development.

To read the full report, visit http://bit.ly/1oRNFug.