Recognizing the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment

The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) is a non-partisan, policy-neutral professional organization focusing on women, energy, and the environment based in Washington, DC.  WCEE hosts luncheons, speaker events, receptions, and networking opportunities of all kinds throughout the year, bringing together members across the energy and environmental fields to exchange thoughtful dialogue and foster personal and professional growth.  The Horinko Group is a long time supporter of WCEE’s important efforts.

The August 2015 edition of WCEE’s newsletter, The Current, featured articles authored and co-authored by Cathryn Courtin, Program Manager, The Horinko Group. The first article authored by Ms. Courtin, “Sacred Cow Gets Controversial Closer Look: Energy Efficiency,” discusses recent research questioning the efficacy of energy efficiency standards.  A second article, “Media Perspective: What Will Presidential Candidates Bring To the Table?” co-authored by Ms. Courtin and Pat Courtney Strong, President, Courtney Strong Inc., looks at energy and environmental issues in the 2016 presidential campaign and election based on perspectives given by journalists for the New York Times and the Alaska Dispatch at a WCEE event in April 2015.

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