THG Welcomes Senior Advisors to Extended Team

The Horinko Group is pleased to welcome three new senior advisors to our extended team, strengthening our firm’s cross-cutting capabilities in energy, water, green infrastructure, resource planning, and environmental law.


Description: Emily Hammond

Emily Hammond, Associate Dean for Faculty Engagement and Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School joins THG as Senior Advisor for Energy/Electricity, Water Quality/Use, and Regulatory Decisionmaking. Ms. Hammond is a nationally recognized expert in energy law, environmental law, and administrative law and as a former environmental engineer brings technical fluency to cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law, science, and policy.
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Description: Seth Brown

Seth Brown is Principal and Founder of Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm providing a range of services from policy and infrastructure finance analysis in the stormwater sector to the development and delivery of technical and policy-related training focused on stormwater topics. Mr. Brown joins THG as Senior Advisor for Stormwater/Green Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships, & Economics.
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Description: James Hill

James Hill, Principal, JM Hill Consulting has over thirty years of federal public service with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer as a professional water resources planner and operational manager. Recently retired from the Corps, Mr. Hill has long been recognized as a national expert in operational master planning within the Corps. Jim serves as THG’s Senior Advisor on Water Resources Planning and Development.
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