New Study: The Role of Green Infrastructure – Nature, Economics, and Resilience

On behalf of the Conservation Leadership Council (CLC), The Horinko Group has developed a new study entitled The Role of Green Infrastructure—Nature, Economics, and Resilience. Green infrastructure is an emerging approach to address the challenges of the 21st century within the water sector. It relies upon nature-based systems and processes in place of structural and highly-engineered traditional infrastructure. THG’s report, released by CLC on December 8, 2015, examines the potential of green infrastructure to reduce costs, enhance resilience, and provide social, environmental, and economic returns. It presents the current policy context and then sets forth the opportunities and policy pathways to enhance consideration of green infrastructure in federal, state, and local decisions about water-management infrastructure. The report also examines new market-based approaches, such as water quality trading and public-private partnerships, that offer the potential to expand green infrastructure investment.

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