NYU Panel Discusses Nuclear Energy Future

Emily Hammond, Senior Advisor to The Horinko Group, and Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School, joined a panel of experts to discuss the future of nuclear energy at New York University School of Law on March 23, 2016. The panel, entitled “Nuclear Energy and the Clean Energy Future,” and the breadth of the discussion was covered in an article by Aaron Larson in Power Magazine. The article describes and quotes Ms. Hammond’s comments on the need to maintain the existing nuclear fleet. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Emily Hammond, associate dean for public engagement, professor of law at George Washington University Law School, isn’t ready to concede to public opinion though.
“We cannot afford to lose our existing nuclear fleet, because of the carbon benefits that it provides,” Hammond said.
She noted that trying to replace the current nuclear generation with renewables is simply not possible in the short term. Hammond also suggested that people have skewed risk perceptions when it comes to nuclear power. If actual data and risk assessments are reviewed, Hammond said people would see that nuclear is one of the safest means of producing electricity in the world, safer than hydro and far safer than fossil fuels.
“I think it is imperative that we look for policy solutions that help maintain the nuclear fleet, at the very least, if not incentivize new construction,” Hammond said.

The full article can be accessed at http://bit.ly/21JivWq.