EPA Alumni Association Essays Celebrate “A Half Century of Progress”

The EPA Alumni Association has prepared an overview essay,Protecting the Environment: A Half Century of Progress, to tell the story of the major environmental challenges that the nation faced in the latter half of the 20th Century and describe EPA’s role in mitigating them. The overview is accompanied by seven supporting essays providing a more in-depth look at EPA’s air, water, drinking water, waste management, Superfund, pesticides, and toxic substances programs. The essays capture the environmental problems that existed, the major actions taken, the progress made, and the challenges that remain.

Marianne Horinko, President, The Horinko Group, and Cathryn Courtin, Program Manager, The Horinko Group contributed to this effort as authors of the waste management program essay, which details the role of the RCRA program in transforming the country’s approach to managing waste from generation to disposal.

To read the overview essay, visit http://bit.ly/1prZDQj.

To read the waste management essay, visit http://bit.ly/1LoZo1S.