UMIMRA Annual Meeting Focuses on P3s

The Upper Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri River Association’s (UMIMRA) Annual Meeting, held on February 11, 2016, convened levee district leaders, farm producers, and stakeholders from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Seth Brown, Senior Advisor, The Horinko Group, and Principal, Storm and Stream Solutions LLC, presented to this group on Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3s).  Mr. Brown described the fundamentals of CBP3s, a model for infrastructure financing that currently focuses on urban stormwater infrastructure, and discussed the applicability of this model in agricultural and flood control contexts.

Following the event, Mr. Brown captured key details of his presentation and laid out the case for CBP3’s role in an “all of the above” approach to infrastructure investment in a blog article, “Can CBP3s Hold Back the Water in the Upper Midwest?”.

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