The Flow of Clean Technology Investment Dollars

Following the Money

Wednesday, March 3 / 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Host: AEA Technology, Project Performance Corporation, BNA, and The Horinko Group

Featuring: Paul Deninger, Vice Chairman, Jefferies & Company
Robert Bell, Chief Technical Officer, AEA Technology

Arlington, VA (January 20, 2010) – AEA Technology, the principal environmental consultancy to the government of the United Kingdom, and the U.S.‐based specialized news and information publisher BNA and The Horinko Group announced today that they will collaborate on a three-part webinar series in 2010. The series will spotlight for U.S. audiences some of the climate change (mitigation) tactics that have already proven effective in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

The webinars will feature a combination of high‐level government and private‐sector officials from the U.S., Europe, and other countries. The purpose of this critical information exchange will be to assess whether solutions proven successful in Europe can and should be applied to emissions control and clean energy objectives in the U.S.

BNA has announced the three webinar topics:

  • The Flow of Clean Technology Investment Dollars: Following the Money
  • Developing a Business Case for Carbon Management
  • Financial Assurances: Fixing What Is Not Broken?

“The current Administration’s public commitment to addressing climate change in a difficult economic time will require creative decision‐making,” says Robert Bell, Chief Technical Officer for AEA. “Taking the lessons learned from successful European programs and incorporating them into the U.S. approach is one way to achieve results without starting over.”

Working with AEA and BNA to produce the series is Marianne Horinko, President of The Horinko Group and a former EPA Assistant Administrator. The Horinko Group is helping shape the group of seminars on sustainability and climate change.

“The U.S. market is hungry for this kind of information right now,” said Kevin Fetherston, the managing editor for reference services in BNA’s Environment, Health & Safety Division, who is responsible for the webinar series. “We’re delighted to collaborate on this series with the EU’s leading climate change firm and The Horinko Group, a major player in the search for environmental solutions, to provide attendees with high‐level speakers and solid, tactical information they can put to use right away.”

The Flow of Clean Technology Investment Dollars: Following the Money is the first in a three-part webinar series on sustainability and climate change hosted by BNA and AEA Technologies/PPC Corporation, in collaboration with Marianne Horinko, President of The Horinko Group and a former EPA Acting Administrator.

Featured speaker Paul Deninger, Vice Chairman of Jefferies & Co., will provide an insider’s perspective on the current financial crisis, how the market is rebounding, and opportunities for clean technology companies to grow and prosper. Introductory remarks will be made by Robert Bell, Chief Technical Officer of AEA Technology, the United Kingdom’s leading climate change consultancy, providing separate viewpoints from two experts in the field.

This webinar will help you:

  • Identify the factors impacting the clean technology boom and what the future holds.
  • Learn about capital investment necessary for clean technology growth
  • Strategize about how best to manage risk and investor expectations
  • Understand the government’s role to incentivize investment

AEA is a leading energy and climate change consultancy, delivering visionary, integrated environmental solutions worldwide. AEA acquired Project Performance Corporation (PPC), a $60 million Washington, D.C.‐based government consulting firm in 2009. PPC is also contributing to the series through expert speakers and presenters. Visit them online at and

BNA is the leading independent publisher of print and electronic news and information for professional in business and government, producing more than 300 news services, including the highly respected Daily Environment Report, International Environment Reporter, and Daily Report for Executives. Visit BNA online at


Brendan McGinnis, The Horinko Group

Mary Ann Grena Manley, BNA