Bottomland Ecosystem Restoration (Co-Hosted with SSF)

Bridging Science and Management for Floodplain Reclamation and Stewardship

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Security and Sustainability Forum
September 16, 2010

Water Resources Webinar Series — PART I
Security and Sustainability Forum
September 16, 2010
2:15 – 3:45 PM EDT

Washington, DC (August 25, 2010) – This webinar primarily targeted towards natural resource managers from federal and state agencies, NGOs, decision-makers, and aquatic ecosystem stakeholders. An expert panel of practitioners linked scientific expertise to specific restoration issues in an effort to direct participants toward practical management solutions. Observations were offered based on aquatic ecosystem case studies exemplifying both successes and failures encountered when applying ecosystem restoration techniques to real world management scenarios in large river bottomland ecosystems. Presented information revealed principles and practices directly applicable to adaptive management of natural systems.

Presenters accounted for critical considerations such as the physical setting, environmental stressors, and ecosystem services supported. Management practices were discussed that effectively incorporate silvicultural recommendations; stand development and successional patterns in floodplains; restoration of degraded bottomland forests; and restoration planning and available tools. Forest establishment case studies and recommendations for future direction were also highlighted

This program aims to help participants:

  • Gain insights into what shapes successful reestablishment of natural bottomland vegetative communities
  • Learn about effective techniques and approaches based on real world applications
  • Understand how baselining, monitoring, and analysis inform stewardship decisions and strengthen performance tracking
  • Identify useful practitioner contacts for follow-up on issues related to establishing adaptive management platforms in aquatic ecosystems.


Patrick S. McGinnis
Water Resource Team Leader, The Horinko Group

Panel Members

Charles Deutsch
Supervisory Wildlife Biologist, Rivers Project, US Army Corps of Engineers

Dr. Lyle Guyon
Terrestrial Ecologist, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center



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