Civic Engagement for Rivers (Co-Hosted with SSF)

October 20, 2010
2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern

Hosted by Security and Sustainability Forum

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Part II of the Security and Sustainability Forum’s Water Resources Webinar Series

Build Success into your Sustainability Projects


Washington, DC (August 25, 2010) – This webinar primarily targeted water resource practitioners, decision- makers, policy-makers and civic leaders.

An expert panel of public engagement practitioners described new approaches for effectively broadening grassroots participation to address common water resource challenges. Concepts discussed include innovative civic engagement processes and tools that are inclusive, transparent, informative, empowering, and build common understanding among disparate groups.

Practitioners addressed key principles of civic engagement and provided case examples for building social networks and constituencies for action on behalf of whole water systems.


  • Anne Lewis, Founder, America’s Waterway

Panel Members

    • Robyn Colosimo, Deputy Associate Director for Natural Resources, White House’s Council on Environmental Quality


    • Dr. Carol Lukensmeyer, Founder and President, America Speaks


  • Tim Bonnemann, Founder and CEO, Intellitics, Inc.



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